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I am Vivek K J, From Kodakara, Thrissur, Kerala. I am a self-taught web developer and a programmer who consider myself as a free software enthusiast. I always believe and supports FOSS projects because of their freedom and reliability. I am a GNU/Linux user and believes in Free Software freedoms and free software principles. I've contributed to many open-source projects like Wikipedia, Debian, SMC, etc. I generally use MERN stack for web applications. My projects are listed here. If you would like to support my activities, works, and projects you can buy me a coffee. I am always available in various social media applications listed above… You can connect me there…

  • Website:
  • City: Kodakara, Kerala
  • Email:

Skills 🚀

I am well experienced in these fields

GNU/Linux 90%
Git 95%
HTML 100%
CSS 90%
JavaScript 85%
NodeJS 95%
Express 95%
ReactJS 95%
React Native 80%
Figma 90%
Bootstrap 85%
Tailwind CSS85%
Nginx Hosting 90%
C++ 45%
Python 65%
SCSS 80%
NextJS 100%
VueJS 80%

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Kodakara, Thrissur - 680684

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